Google just announced a huge update and Impending Doom
To all sites that are not Mobile Friendly

By Mobile Friendly
I mean all websites that are not specifically
designed for smartphones and tablets. In other
words, either a Responsive website or a
redirect to a mobile website from your
regular website.

On April 21st, Google will penalize all
non-mobile friendly sites on all mobile
search results.

This includes aprroximately 50% of total web traffic today
(including tablets).

Over the last 18 months Google has made
updates to its algorithm that’favor’ mobile friendly
sites in all search results. But now,
Google is actually providing a Deadline to be Mobile Compliant!

Are you wondering what will happen if your site is not Mobile
friendly by April 21, 2015?

Here’s the answer: You will be removed from search results across all
mobile devices and likely your organic rank/visibility will be
affected also, but that has not been confirmed as of yet.

Google is giving this specific deadline to give you
one last chance to re-develop your website to be
smartphone/tablet friendly. Or Else…

You should definitely have a mobile-friendly
website by April 21st. If not, there’s a good chance
you’ll experience a dramatic decline in website visibility.

Here’s the official announcement on the
Google Blog on the Mobile-compliance deadline.

Recommended steps:

(1) Test your website using Google’s Mobile Friendly
Test Page. Just enter your web address into
the box & hit Analyze.

(2) If you don’t pass the mobile-friendly test, then you
had better start re-developing your
website ASAP. Even though the we’re not exactly sure what
the penalties will be from Google, these are serious
warning signs and they shouldn’t be taken lightly.

(3) Contact us to help you re-develop your website
to be mobile-friendly. Unfortunately, we can only
support a limited number of businesses by the deadline.

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